PPR system is a plastic piping system made of polypropylene designed for internal cold and hot water distribution, floor and central heating, air distribution and other applications in industry and agriculture. The high-quality raw material, PPR, or polypropylene, is random copolymer ensuring hygienic harmlessness, high chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to overgrowth and incrustation and extremely long service life of plastic water pipes, all this with a minimal decrease in the utility value of the pipes. 

The low weight and easy processability of plastic pipes for water distribution ensure the fast, easy and safe assembly. The welding concept and low internal surface roughness greatly reduce pressure drop in the pipes, thus increasing the economy of the operation of the circulating system.


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PPR plastic pipes for welding

PPR pipes are designed forinternal cold and hot water distribution, floor and central heating, air distribution and other applications in industry and agriculture. The low weight and easy processabilityof PPR pipes ensure the fast, easy and safe assembly. The welding concept and low internal surface roughness greatly reduce pressure drop in the pipes.

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All-plastic PPR fittings

A wide, well-thought-out product range of fittings increases the efficiency and flexibility of PPR system. Continuous development of fittings contributes to the optimization of various situations during the mounting process. The goal is to quickly and easily install a reliable water or heating distribution system.

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Combined fittings

Combined PPR fittings represent a wide range of elbows, reducers, nozzles, reducing couplings and many others. In our product range, you can find fittings of many shapes and sizes for the convenient installation. PPR system is used for water distribution, floor and central heating, air distribution and other applications.

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Closing fittings

Taps and valves have a seemingly simple task - to close or regulate the water flow. However, this task must be performed reliably, for many years and with a thousand-fold repetition. This demanding task is handled by taps and valves for water distribution and heating.

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Tools for AQUA PPR system

The ease of installing water and heating systems using PPR system is based on an easy, fast and reliable way of connecting pipes and fittings - welding. The necessary precondition for quality welding is high quality tools and equipment.

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MULTI pipes

Top quality pipes serve for cold and hot water distribution and heating in the most demanding conditions. They have shape memory and high toughness. Pipes are made of PE-RT/Al/PE-RT material with the five-layer structure, with a longitudinally welded Al layer.

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M-PRESS brass press fittings

In this section you can find quality brass fittings of various types and methods of use. These are mainly elbows, end caps, reducers, couplings, reducing couplings, tee fittings, taps and other fittings for water distribution systems.

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Tools for MULTI

Tools for MULTI pipes are an important part of the installation of this type of pipes. Here you can find mainly calibrators, press pliers, bending springs and other important tools.

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An essential part of the perfect water or heating distribution is good thermal insulation and reliable fasteners. In this section, you will find everything to complete your work, from pipe insulation to pipes, screws or clips for the reliable installation and fastening.